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Welcome to the PAB Games online gaming community.  We are a loose group of people around the Internet who enjoy playing online PC games.  Come join the fun.

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One of the most classic mailing list posts of all time:

On behalf of K-Dubb:

At the gym today there were a couple Pabbers (who shall remain nameless) that were talking about how they don’t know what half the stuff we say even means because they haven’t gamed with us for very long. One of the Pabbers proceeded to say that it is just gibberish. I assure you this is not true. Below are some of these words or phrases and their definitions and origination. Sheldon, Nitz, or Mama please add any I am missing.
Aaah habbada hala (spelling can have different variations): This was one of the things the kraut (see below) team yelled in BF3. We have no idea it’s true meaning.

Joe: Mama help me out on this one, but I think it was just some dude’s screen name in one round we played of some game...

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The PAB Games Battlelog page can be found here

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